Finer Dining

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Fine Dining


Following the resounding success of Finer Dining in London, we aim to provide New York City a complete, upscale, and effortless gastronomic experience at home for events, celebrations, and everything in between.

Known for its diversity and epicures, New York City is the perfect place for Finer Dining to spread its culinary ethos: to create and deliver fresh and healthy gourmet meals for every lifestyle to enjoy.

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Gourmet Cuisine

The Concept

Prepared by our highly experienced chefs who have skillfully mastered different cuisines, as well as recipes for various dietary preferences, we deliver to your doorstep gourmet meals made from fresh and premium ingredients sourced ethically and locally where possible. Our dishes also come in sustainable packaging to help ease your preparations and reduce carbon footprint.

With taste, quality, and your wellbeing in mind, we are committed to providing you and your guests with an elegant home alternative to your fine dining restaurant experience.

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Culinary Adventure

Our Menu

Made with only the freshest and finest ingredients by our accomplished chefs, our diverse selections offer an interesting twist, where innovation meets taste. Our carefully crafted menu can also be adapted to respect dietary preferences.

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